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Updated: 5/23/99-Tape Trading

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News and Views

Hello, and welcome to the commentary part of the site. Here I express views on the show and news about the show and site.

5/4/99- Download!!!
Download some things from me. I set up the site, and today I have a icon on the selector bar. Not too much now, but more to come.
2/26/99-MST is F***ing CANCELLED!!
Don't despair children. We have at least three channels interested: Fox Family, TBS, and FX. They have only said they are interested, but with letters and phone calls, we can pursuade them. Follow this banner for more information.

1/28/99-New page
I added a new page full of my art and images. The pictures at the Articles & Junk site have been moved there. Have some nice days.
1/24/99- I'm back from a brake
I've ran out of time to work on the site for a long time. Lot's of after school activities. anyway, I added a new picture and article. I'm working on more stuff to come. I'm working on getting sounds, but the upload isn't working. Crud and double crud.
11/8/98- Now What?
What to do about those MST-o-Lanterns? I'll keep'em around until the N&W get so updated that the news gets old. Until then, make Jack-o-Lanterns out of watermelons or somethin'. If you can, help me get all those Season 4's for my Turkey Day '98 o' Season 4.
9/11/98- More, More More!
More of what? More ICONS!!! They're on the Articles and junk site. and MORE MST-O-LANTERNS!!. Here's a Forrest-o-Lantern and a Micheal J.-o-Lantern and a new Serv-o-Lantern. GREAT, HUH!

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