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Welcome to the Tape Tradin' Palace! Here, You can trade with me my tapes. If you want to trade, Send me the the information below. So, happy trading and have several nice days.

Tapes I Have:

Comedy Central

113-The Black Scorpion 204-Catlina Caper 213-Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster 302-Gamera 309-Amazing Collosal Man 321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 322-Master Ninja 416-Fire Maidens from Outer Space 417-Crash of the Moons 418-Attack of the (the) Eye Creatures 420-The Human Duplicators 421-Monster A-Go-Go 521-Santa Claus 611-Last of the Wild Horses 621-Beast of Yucca Flats  704-The Incredible Melting Man 706-Laserblast

Eighth Season

801-Revenge of the Creature 803-Mole People 804-Deadly Mantis 805-The Thing that Couldn't Die 808-The She Creature 810-Giant Spider Invasion 811-"Parts": the Clonus Horror 812-THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES 813-Jack Frost 814-Riding with Death 815-Agent for HARM 816-Prince of Space 817-Horror of Party Beach 818-Devil Doll 819-Invasion of the Neptune Men 820-Space Mutiny 821-Time Chasers 822-Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (NOTE: No stinger)

Nineth Season

901-The Projected Man 902-Phantom Planet 903-Puma Man 904-Werewolf 905-Deadly Bees 906-Space Children 907-Hobgoblins 908-Touch of Satan 909-Gorgo 910-The Final Sacrifice 911-Devil Fish 912-The Screaming Skull 913-Quest of the Delta Knights

Tenth Season

1001-Soultaker 1002-Girl in Gold Boots 1004-Future War 1005-Blood Waters of Dr. Z 1006-Boggy Creek 2


105-The Corpse Vanishes 301-Cave Dwellers-(titled as The Blade Master) 321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 403-City Limits 501-Warrior of The Lost World 510-The Painted Hills 706-Laserblast


Plan 9 from Outer Space 901-The Projected Man with echoes

Tapes I Want*

Comedy Central

any KTMA ep (2 for 1 for KTMA) 101-The Crawling Eye 202-Sidehackers 319-War of the Collosal Beast 323-Castle of Fu Manchu 403-City Limits 407-The Killer Shrews 408-Hercules Unchained 414-Tormented 415-The Beatniks 423-Bride of the Monster 502-Hercules 505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad 514-Teen-age Strangler 516-Alien from L.A. 519-Outlaw 524-12 to the Moon 605-Colossus and the Headhunters 606-The Creeping Terror 609-Skydivers 610-The Violent Years 618-High School Big Shot 623-The Amazing Transparent Man 634-Samsom Vs. The Vampire Women *Especially. I'll take ANYTHING else from CC. AND... I also want some Tom Servo parts. If you got a bot part and want and episode, E-mail me immeadiately!

E-mail for detials.

Thanks to Aaron Strader, Jeff O'Dell, Crystal Grey, J. Link, Matthew Rick, and Brad Brown for trading with me.

people want tapes.

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