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Assorted Stuff

I've had ideas that don't need separate pages. Here's the list.
Writer nick-names
Movies I've Msted

Writer Nick-names

Paul "Pitch" Chaplin, Paul "Ortega" Chaplin, Paul "Wade The Nanite" Chaplin
Mary Jo"di the Nanite" Pehl, Mary Jo "Lawgiver" Pehl
Mike "Torgo" Nelson, Mike "World Destroyer" Nelson, Mike "Mr. Bridget Jones" Nelson
Bridget "Flavia" Jones, Bridget "Mrs. Mike Nelson" Jones, Bridget "Nuveena" Jones
Bill "Krankor" Corbett, Bill "Observor" Corbett
Kevin "Ben" Murphy, Kevin "Ned the Nanite" Murphy, Kevin "Jack-of-all-trades" Murphy
Jim "Blood Hook" Mallon, Jim "Guy-at-the-end-of-the-movie" Mallon
Patrick "Slicer" Brantseg, Patrick "Yakof Smirnof" Brantseg

Any ideas? E-mail me.


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Movies I've Msted

The Hand
Baby: the Lost Legend
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Little Ninjas
My Pet Monster

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