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Original Fan Art that I did my self.
I got some original art that I did my self. It may not be the best, but your going to have to deal with it. If you want more, just tell me what you want to see.

Computer Edited/Made
Here's a cartoony pic of Dr.F and Frank.
Here's a rip-off of both the cartoon and Bicycle Cards. It's a Dr.F and Frank.
It's the WereCrow cartoonified.
It's the Shadow-Rama in color.
The front-page pic of the bots.
The actual picture of WereCrow.
Paul chaplin as Scooter, the Space-Child, with a moving mouth .
Ray Dennis Steckler blinking his eyes.
Tom Servo exploding.
The much-forgotten originalUser-Friendly MST site title.
A picture showing my distaste for CC and SFCCC and SFC.
Color Pencil
A drawing of Dr. Forrestor.
A drawing of TV's Frank.

My art has been viewed times.

Got some art you want the world to see? send it to me.

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