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The MST3K Abbreviation Dictionary

This area is used to explain what certian abbreviations in the MST3K Internet world mean. Enjoy.

SOL-Sattelite of Love; the boys' home in space

MST3K-Mystery Science Theater 3000; the name of the show

TIE-This Island Earth; the movie riffed for the theatrical released

MST3K:TM-Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie; The name of the MST theatrical release

The Mads-the mad scientist; this could be either Dr. Forrester and Dr. Ehrdhert, Dr. Forrester and Tv's Frank, Dr. Forrester and Mrs. Forrester, and Mrs. Forrester and Prof. Bobo

Dr.F-Dr. Forrester

Mrs.F-Mrs. Forrester

M&TB-Mike and the 'bots

J&TB-Joel and the 'bots

TS-Tom Servo

TV's F-Tv's Frank

SFC-the Sci-Fi Channel: the cable channel that carries MST3K

CC-Comedy Central/Comedy Channel: the evil morons that cancelled MST3K

If I missed something, Drop me a line.

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