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Download some things

Have some things...and stuff.

Below Are a list of things I have made, or really like, that i'd like to give to you.

The MST3K WinAmp Skin

Here's a skin for your WinAmp MP3 player. Just unzip everything into a folder called "MST3k AMP" in your skin directory.
Download it here---> MST3K Amp: .zip file, 10.7 KB

MST3K Icons

I fooled around with Iconedit for a day or two or five and created some Icons for everyone. Included in this zip file are
The Deep 13 badge
The Manos Cloak
The Turkey Volume Guessing Man logo
The Gizmonics Logo
The Castle Forrestor "F"
A Hobgoblin
The Shadowrama Characters, all three
Ed Wood
TV's Frank
Joel Hodgson
Mike Nelson
The Gizmonic patch
the Were-Crow
and The Observer's Brain!
Download it here---> MST3K Icons: .zip file, 9.15 KB

More to come!!

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